Thursday, January 31, 2013

Squat 40k Collectors corner.

   So i figured i would try and squeeze in a little collectors segment here. All of us have bought exactly what we needed for x army list. I'm so guilty of this its not even funny. What happens soon after, at least for me is I start finding little guys I don't have and boom I'm full blown buying stuff up. Then the collector part of me kicks in...... my wallet screams and I end up with even more minis. Is that a bad thing? Well if you ask my wife she rolls her eyes. If you ask me or some of the guys i game with you see excitement.

   Generally when researching old minis the first place I go Is SOLegends. There is just a plethora of knowledge and ranges for you to view. Most of the time they are complete other times you get partial information and zero pics. If your lucky you stumble across a collectors guide someone has taken there time to do. Thank goodness for these folks. They always seem to find stuff i miss. Here is a great guide I found for 40k Squats Squat collectors Guide . The next thing i do is look for blogs and pics of minis for that army. After that the $$$ flies out of my wallet.......

  I hope this helps out those collectors out there. Or maybe inspired some folks to just check out some old minis they have never seen.

Good luck on whatever army you collect,