Thursday, January 24, 2013

The beginning.....

   My name is Beef and i am about to attempt something I never thought i would do. Im going to share my painting and collecting passion with everyone. Im not much of a writer so bare with me…. I have been a Fantasy/40k gamer and collector of dwarves for many years but recently i was fortunate to get an army of 40k Squats. Hopefully i will be able to do them justice and end up with a fantastic looking army that i have been dreaming about for years.
  For about a month now i have had these little guys on my mind. Trying to come up with a theme that would stand out but still be comical.. I found some transfers of smiley faces with 5s for eyes and bullet holes in the center that i thought suited my Squats and the whole idea hit me. I decided to make my Squats Mercenaries (IG) and dub them the Fighting 55s. Later i ran across another smiley face that had “sit on my smiley face” as a caption. So a little play on words and “Squat on my smiley face” became the project name. Since then i have been trying to come up with ways to bring all of my ideas together and i think i figured it out. I really hope you enjoy my blog and ill try my hardest to keep it up to date with new pics and articles.