Monday, February 11, 2013

Thinking outside the GW box.

  I have been trying to find ways of incorporating fluff into my Squat units. I keep coming back to one line I read. "Squat technology is based upon the heavy mining equipment they brought with them to the Home Worlds. During their isolation from the rest of humanity they adapted it for other uses, notably exo-armour which was engineered from heavy mining suits. Squats continued to innovate and invent while humanity sank into a Dark Age." So this prompted me to start looking outside the GW range for minis that would bring this fluff out and bring my Fighting 55's up to date. It actually proved more difficult than I imagined. After some suggestions from friends and a couple goodies I found on my own I think i found some cool minis that kinda brings this fluff to light.

First off i wanted some sort of mining drone that could have been adapted for security and military use and i found this little guy from Alpha Forge .  I plan on using one in each of my units as a spotter.

Next up we have The M.U.L.E a Traktor Mul from Infinity. I absolutely love this model and plan on some minor conversions to make it like a multi tasking platform for cargo, communications, wounded evac, and small weapons platform. This also will accompany each of my Squat units.

  Oh yeah i cant forget my Engineers. They need to have some added tech too. So i decided to go with these little guys from Kromlech to represent Demo Charges.

Lastly we just cant ignore the Exo-Suits. I myself am not a big fan of the original egg shaped guys. But you just cant have Squats with out representing them in some form. These wont be in the first army build but being overzealous  I've already planned ahead and picked up a few from my good friend Silashand in CO. They are Grizzly Exo-Suits from the Starship Trooper line of minis. Super good sculpt and personally I think these are way better than the eggs. 

  So there you have it. A little help from friends and some leg work from myself turns up some very cool representations of fluff for my Squats. 

  One last thought. If anyone has any more cool suggestions I'm all ears. 

Thanks for reading,